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"Dear Grant and Susan, please accept the Nobel prize for your invaluable efforts in helping create a global family. I just can't believe you do all this as a service. You should try to make money out of it - so that you can do it even better..."Rajesh, India

“我长期以来一直想知道你们如何在善意和自由空气上幸存下来。您为摩托车冒险社区所做的事情是无价的。您有权获得一些收入来支持您所做的一切。我的支票将在邮件中进行。今天下午。”James, USA

“辉煌的网站。最好的问候。Hugo, Japan


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英国2004 Meeting

Why become an HU Member?

For those who may not be aware, we both now work full-time+ on the website / bulletin board / e-zine, usually 8-12 hours per day and 7 days a week. We're not a big multi-national company, just two people who love motorcycle travel and have grown what started as a hobby in 1997, but quickly (by 1998) became a full time job and an unpaid labour of love. Grant has been full-time on HU since 1998, with Susan part time and since 2008, also full time.

你告诉我们how important this site and it's Community is to you. We intend to survive, and have been trying to figure out just how for a long time. Currently, the site is funded approximately equally from advertising, motorcycle travellers meetings and now sales of DVDs, t-shirts and other products with a very small amount from memberships.

We are very grateful to the advertisers we have, and hope to attract more, so if you know anybody who should be advertising with us, please send them around!广告费率和信息在这里.

Coming to a Horizons Unlimited会议是结识其他旅行者的好方法,your meeting registration fee also helps support the website.

Argentina 2009 Meeting



There is no requirement to be a member to access the website, the HUBB or to receive the monthly e-zine.就目前而言,您为会员贡献所获得的是我们真诚的感谢,好业力,并且知道您正在帮助保持摩托车旅行梦想。

Members do get additional features on the HUBB, such as having more space for posting pictures. The table below summarizes the HUBB benefits for members. Please note that we have taken nothing away from the privileges Registered Users have, we have just added additional privileges for contributing members.

Details on additional Member benefits on the HUBB


表可能不是最新的 - 请参阅the HUBBfor the latest. 注册用户 Contributing Member Gold Member 终身会员
Can View Member Info y y y y
Can View Others' Profile Pictures y y y y
Can Open / Close Own Threads n n y y
可以评分线程 n y y y
可以上传附件 /图片 - 大小全部的allowed 4 mb 20 mb 60MB 250MB
可以发布民意调查 n y y y
Maximum Stored Messages 10 50 100 2000
Maximum Recipients to Send PMs at a time: 2 5 5 5
可以使用自定义标题 n n y y
Profile Picture Maximum Width (pixels) 50 100 100 150
Profile Picture Maximum Height (pixels) 50 100 100 150
Profile Picture Maximum File Size (bytes) 10240 25000 30000 50000
Can Upload Custom Avatars n y y y
Custom Avatar Maximum Width (pixels) 0 50 80 90
Custom Avatar Maximum Height (pixels) 0 50 80 90

Suggested amounts to Contribute for Membership are:

Contributing Member: US$20
Gold Member: US$45
Lifetime: US$500

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Of course any amount you decide is fair for what YOU get out of HU! All contributions are appreciated and will be acknowledged.


NOTE you can use yourAmex, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, e-Checks with PayPal- 您不需要PayPal帐户。当然,您可以贡献您想要的任何金额 - PayPal将自动转换货币。


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  • ONLY if you DO NOT wish to have an HU user id, please pay using the following information:
Pay withPayPal,并使用您的签证 /万事达卡 /美国快车etc:

$20 Contributing Membership Payment:

$ 45黄金会员付款:

Your choice of amount Payment:

YouDO NOT USUALLY need a PayPal account. Unfortunately sometimes due to banking issues in a particular country, you MUST have a PayPal account, and cannot pay by credit card. Sending money with PayPal is free to you. PayPal is secure - your financial information is never shared with us, and there's no risk of cheques getting lost in the mail.


可以通过支票(或支票)付款,以$ $,加拿大$,英国£和欧元的价格进行付款。对于其他国家来说,最好的是US $汇票。

Mail check (or cheque) to our international post boxes below, andmake the chequepayableGrant Johnson,(NOT Horizons Unlimited!!), and mail to your closest address below, or for the quickest service, to the Canada address.


Sorry, snail mail to us is not currently possible.

Grant Johnson
Suite 621
24 St. Leonards Road
Windsor, Berkshire SL4 3BB

You can also pay by Bank Transfer to our UK Bank:

Santander Bank
Account Number: 05403030

Please ensure your full name is included in the transfer information so we can match up your payment, and send us a note that you have paid this way!

Get Member Products, tshirts, DVD's and more at the HU Souk (store)

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Grant and Susan



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